WordPress Website Development Package at OS CLiCKS

As a web development team, we understand how much effort a website takes to keep it all good & functioning. Also, the experience of getting your business website down for a day or even a few hours hurts a you (or any webmaster) very much and keeps him backward with his business target. To solve this problem, we have found something comprehensive for people owning a small business.

Last week we have decided to start a comprehensive website development package to help small businesses. It will be a managed service so that small businesses don’t need to handle website issues while they are busy with their stuffs. Our package includes the following elements:

– A preferred domain name (subject to availability)
– A basic hosting (500 MB space & 3 GB BW) with cPanel administration
– A basic WordPress website of 2 – 10 pages on your preferred theme (we can also help you in extra features for a small fee)
– Google webmaster tools integration
– Creation & submission of website sitemap to popular search engines regularly
– Submission of the site to popular web directories regularly
– Socializing the website contents by appropriately placing them social sites

We’ve chosen WordPress as the platform for this website development as it has been a very easy-to-use and hence popular content management framework by now. Plus there are many plugins & themes available online for this platform.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive hassle-free package for the webmasters busy with other major things of the business like marketing, etc. Our support personnel will also be helping you by giving useful tips to enhance your website.

Our Pricing: You can start with us at a very reasonable price during the signup and a small recurring fee once every year. Please contact us for more detail.


Freelance Jobs Online at JobLance.inFo – Another Public Product of OS CLiCKS

We released another public product in this february after our first public product Deshi Tender. This one was developed to help online job seekers who search jobs in many job sites.  We integrated all jobs from some popular job sources in one place so job seekers can find summary of the posted jobs of his own category in our website. They still need to go to the main job source when they decide for putting a bid on any project. But they are now being able to see all jobs from same category in a single page. For example: all osCommerce jobs can be found here:

The service is totally free and available in – people can access jobs using our RSS in their readers and / or by email alerts provided by feedburners.

We Released Our URL Shrinker at RUPOM.NET

Yesterday we have released a free URL Shrinking service at which creates shortest possible URL from your long URL input. As the usage of internet is increasing on and people being connected to each other using social networks and social medias as well as the usual options like email, personal website, blog, etc., the necessity of a good and short URL has been very important.

Read details here


Grand launch of Deshi Tender – the best source of tender and procurement information in Bangladesh

It’s a pleasure to announce that today we have released the first online product, Deshi Tender, of our company. Please find it here:

Deshi Tender is the best source of all tender and procurement information in Bangladesh. We collect tender information from various sources – newspapers, websites and sometimes directly from companies.

The purpose of this website is to ease the life of the (1) contractors who collect tender notices from many sources everyday, (2) company executives who publish their tender and/or procurement information to many newspapers, and (3) individuals who keep track of their desired tender information from various places. Deshi Tender works for all of them above.

We collect all tender and procurement information from national dailies, websites, and all possible tender sources and then publish those to our website. And then we notify our customers (by email) about the latest tender information – once/twice a day.

If you are contractor or a company, please join Deshi Tender today and enjoy maximum facilities in the occasion of inauguration.

Please visit the site. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.

OS CLiCKS is going to launch Deshi Tender – a tender and procurement service in Bangladesh

OS CLiCKS is going to launch its first online product Deshi Tender. Deshi Tender is targeted to be the best source of tender and procurement information in Bangladesh. We are at the end of its development and hoping to release it next month.

Deshi Tender will be different than other tender service providers in Bangladesh. We classify tender information by category, organization and city/region/division. It’s easy to find and filter your expected tender information. We tried to use the latest web technology so visitors experience never go negative. It is going to be sophisticated website with easy navigation, easy to understand & use features, etc.

Please keep your eyes on this URL:

OS CLiCKS started its journey as a web development & services company

We are launching the website of OS CLiCKS today. It was a dream of many days since we started thinking of the company. But time killed us always. Finally we are all glad that it happended today. So it’s a memorable day for us when we start doing works as an organization.

When we talk about an organization, there are lots of management rules comes up. Breaking any of those by anyone of the organization might break the flow of success that drives our company. We believe we all are professionals in work especially when we throw a commitment. This is a positive side of our organization.

We clearly know that we are going to offer bigger commitments for our customers – their satisfactions, business stuffs, etc. So when our goal is to satisfy our customers providing the best innovative services, we must plan properly, work harder to accomplish that all. We know that our quality will be preserved by our services. And we are all set and ready to do that for you. Stay with us.

OS CLiCKS – The Home of Dynamic and Multi-purpose Web Development

Welcome to OS CLiCKS, the home of multi-purpose and dynamic web development. It’s the place you can get idea of how your problems can be solved, what your web application can bring to you, what type of services we offer and how quality our services are. We believe you entered the right place to get the right solution you have been dreaming for long.

The name “OS CLiCKS” stands for “Open Source Clicks”. We are open source enthuasists and we care (and value) every clicks and events of the web – we value our commitments and customer satisfactions.

At OS CLiCKS, you get guarantee that your expectation is never going to be failed. Instead you are always getting inspirations for high quality delivery that exceeds your expectation. We guarantee, bcoz we understand the value of your needs.

Please feel free to share your thoughts – we are always caring and attentive to hear you. Because our mission is to become your reliable and trusted web business partner.